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1. Best Online Payments Solution (Consumer)
The judges will be looking for a secure, flexible and innovative online payments solution for consumers. The winning entry will give evidence of an offering that enables customers to enjoy a fast and convenient online experience, as well as the tangible benefits that it provides to the business accepting payments. The judges will also take into account the degree of innovation displayed by the solution, which will offer consumers either a new or improved way to pay online. Enter here 
2018 Winner: Just Eat 

2. Best Online Payments Solution (Merchant)
The judges will be looking for a secure, flexible and innovative online payments solution for merchants, which is helping organisations grow their business online. The winning entry will give evidence of an offering that is providing tangible business benefits by enabling customers to enjoy a fast and convenient online experience, as well as enabling merchants to accept or process a higher volume of online payments in a more timely, reliable or cost-effective way. Enter here
2018 Winner: NatWest Bank 

3. Best Mobile Payments Solution
This award acknowledges the fact that mobile is becoming a game-changer in the financial services and retail sectors. The winning entry will come from an organisation which has created an innovative and customer-friendly mobile payments solution. Entries could involve a payments app or a wider mobile payments offering. The judges will be looking for innovation and speed of adoption by users, as well as the benefits that the project delivers to a nominated organisation and its customers. Enter here
2018 Winner: HSBC Bank 

4. Best In-store Payments Solution  
This award focuses on payments innovation within the retail store environment. It could be an app that allows customers to pay via their phones on the High Street, a new point of sale feature, self-service kiosks or a ‘scan and shop’ service. The winning entry will demonstrate a mixture of innovation, high customer usage and increasing satisfaction rates, as well as any cost savings and other benefits to the retailer. Enter here
2018 Winner: AEVI

5. Best Contactless Payments Project
This category is open to companies who have played a significant part in the roll-out of contactless payments. It could be an expansion of the contactless payments infrastructure, a retailer who has rolled out contactless terminals or a vendor whose technology has played a key role in a project. The judges will be looking for innovation, impressive adoption rates by users, and the benefits that the project delivers to the nominated organisation and its customers. Enter here
2018 Winner: Acceptacard - Payacharity

6. Best Prepaid Card Solution
This award will go to a retailer or company who has excelled in the field of prepaid cards, gift cards or vouchers, for use either in-store or online. The popularity of such payment cards is on the rise and so are the channels through which consumers redeem them. The winning entry should highlight how the prepaid card programme has improved payments in a specific channel or across channels, as well as enhanced the service offered to customers. The judges will also assess the degree of innovation demonstrated by the prepaid card solution. Enter here
2018 Winner: Crosscard by PPRO

7. Anti-Fraud Solution of the Year - NEW CATEGORY  
This award will recognise the best internal or external anti-fraud or security solution implemented by an organisation to protect the customer from cards and payments fraud. The winning entry will demonstrate how anti-fraud technology and processes have protected the end user and helped the business comply with regulations. The judges will regard the application of technology to create business benefits as being of equal importance as the degree of protection and innovation in the IT solution. Enter here

8. Security Innovation of the Year - NEW CATEGORY
Recognising the rapid advances in security technology to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape, this category is looking for the most innovative solutions to today’s problems. Whether it be protection from malware, phishing, denial of service or man in the middle attacks, the judges want to see how new technology and its application are helping people and businesses keep payments safe. Specific case studies and evidence of harm reduction should be included, alongside explanations of product and service differentiation in this competitive sector. Enter here

9. Most Disruptive Payments Technology
This award will go to a company who the judges feel has come up with the most disruptive payments technology during the past 12 months, one that has the potential to disrupt the way the financial services or retail sectors operate, displacing an earlier technology. The aim is to champion technology firms and startups with strong solutions or services that identify a gap in the market or look to improve current ways of working; companies that could well become game-changers by helping to redefine the payments landscape in the coming years. We welcome entries from every area of the payments sector. Enter here
2018 Winner: APEXX

10. Payments Startup of the Year
This award will recognise a visionary startup (launched three years ago or less) with a payments product or service which is set to, or has recently had, a significant impact on the sector. Companies should detail why they are ones to watch, successes to date and how they are changing the way that that payments are being made. We welcome entries from every area of the payments sector. Enter here
2018 Winner: Flux

11. Technology Provider of the Year
This award will recognise a technology vendor who has excelled in its field, implementing innovative cards and payments technology in organisations during the past year. The judges will be looking for evidence of how the deployment of this company’s technology has led to an improvement in the overall efficiency of its clients’ operations. Enter here
2018 Winner: The Chargeback Company 

12. Best Merchant Acquirer or Processor
This award will recognise a stand-out merchant acquirer or processor in the market. The judges will be looking for evidence of performance over the past year, and how the company has improved its own operations and that of its customers. This may include a new project implementation – where the judges would assess the innovation, speed to market, and any challenges or issues that were successfully overcome – but the entry must detail why this merchant acquirer or processor is currently the best in its field overall. Enter here
2018 Winner: Paysafe

13. Best Cross-Border Payments Solution - NEW CATEGORY
Reflecting sustained growth in the money transfer market, the judges are looking for digital solutions that offer quick, reasonably-priced and reliable ways for consumers to make international remittances through mobile or online channels. Entries should include their geographical reach and, if applicable, the ways in which recipients in the destination country can access funds. Enter here

14. Lending Initiative of the Year
This award will recognise an online, crowdfunding or P2P lending platform that offers either consumers or businesses a new and innovative way to access alternative finance. The judges will be looking for evidence of technology innovation, rates of adoption, reach across the consumer or business lending market, plus speed of authentication and approval. Enter here
2018 Winner: iwoca

15. Personal Finance App of the Year
Consumers now have a raft of digital payment and financial service options at their fingertips – which has also created the challenge of managing them. New for this year, this category will be looking for an innovative way in which consumers can manage all of their personal finances, either through a mobile app or online account. Enter here
2018 winner: Starling Bank

16. B2B Payments Innovation of the Year 
We welcome entries from both big enterprises and small companies in this category. The aim of this award is to highlight how technology advances are redefining the B2B payments process. The judging panel will be looking for innovative solutions that solve a real problem and create tangible business benefits. Enter here
2018 Winner: Bottomline Technologies 

17. Best Alternative Payments Project
The payments industry is undergoing significant change, with a growing number of new entrants threatening the status quo as they look to capitalise on the changing landscape. This category looks to recognise those payments providers who offer alternatives to the traditional routes of cash and cards; for example, electronic wallets, mobile payments, e-payments, money transmission services and biometrics-based payments. The judges will be looking for entries which demonstrate innovation, strong user feedback, plus the number of transactions or accounts. Enter here
2018 Winner: TBC Bank

18. Marketing Campaign of the Year 
Open to any company in the payments sector who has run a marketing campaign in the past year. Entries should detail the overall marketing strategy and how it incorporated innovative and effective techniques to promote new products or services, to get a particular message across and to drive customer engagement and adoption. Judges will also be looking for measurable metrics of success. Enter here
2018 Winner: Monese 

19. Best Use of Biometrics
The field of biometrics is one which has seen rapid development, and its application in the payments sector is now coming to the fore. This award will recognise a payments solution or a payments project which is utilising some form of visual or behavioural biometric that enables consumers to make payments or businesses to authenticate them. Enter here
2018 winner: NuData Security, a Mastercard company

20. Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Initiative of the Year - NEW CATEGORY
The subject of more tech headlines than anything else in recent years, blockchain and cryptocurrency divide opinion like almost nothing else in the industry. Cutting through the noise though, this award will go to the company that can demonstrate practical use cases and their tangible benefits. Payments initiatives based upon distributed ledger technology should be up and running, with case studies specifying success in making things quicker, easier, cheaper and safer for businesses or individuals. Enter here

21. PSD2 or Open Banking Initiative of the Year
January 2018 saw the implementation of the EU’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), alongside the UK’s Open Banking standard, both designed to enable secure third party access to consumers’ payment and current accounts to gather transaction data or initiate payments on their behalf. The finance and payments industries have been responding to these changes, and this award will recognise an innovation around PSD2 and Open Banking which has been designed to either: open up more payment services to consumers; allow easier access for third party providers; or enable financial institutions to comply with the regulations and broaden their own service offerings. Enter here
2018 winner: Starling Bank

22. Payments Infrastructure Award
This category will consider entries involving payments systems and infrastructures that have been created or have evolved to increase the reach, speed or efficiency of high volume transactions. This may also include widening access for smaller industry players, boosting reliability of the payments infrastructure or upping volumes that can be accurately processed. Enter here
2018 Winner: ClearBank

23. Payments Innovation of the Year
This award looks to showcase technology and service innovation in the payments space. Entries are encouraged from banks, processors, card schemes, technology firms and retailers – in fact any company that can lay claim to being a genuine payments innovator. The judges will be looking for evidence of how a company’s technology could be considered a first in the industry and how it has the potential to positively impact upon the payments ecosystem. Enter here
2018 Winner: Much Better & Wirecard

24. Payments Pioneer Award
This award will recognise the contribution of an individual to the cards and payments industry, looking at his or her role in the successful implementation of projects and strategies over recent years, as well as his or her contribution to the overall advancement of the cards and payments landscape. Applicants can be from any part of the sector and they may highlight work from more than one position and company. Enter here
2018 Winner: Nick Ogden, ClearBank 


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